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To the modern ambitious woman busy pursing your passions, thriving in your career, and designing the life you love,

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Here you will find quick & easy recipes for healthier(ish) living, empowering messages that encourage you to invest in your personal growth and development, and actionable wellness tips that are compatible with a life on the go. Life is complicated, your wellness routine doesn’t have to be.  

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My name is Kesha. I’m the wellness warrior, food & travel junkie, and habitual over-sharer behind this whole operation. It’s been 5 years since I launched, where I channeled all my food and wellness obsessions shortly after finishing grad school. Never would I have ever thought that anyone other than my mom and uncle would be reading it, or that I would grow a community of foodie friends, yet along you silly people making my midnight binge sessions the highlight of your fancy dinner parties, that I’d be asked to write for other websites, work with amazing brands, or that my creations would be featured on popular food sites across the web (What! Momma, I “MADE IT”!) From the beginning, my goal has always been to use my gifts and experiences to empower people with the knowledge and skills to make healthier choices, but I’ve always felt like something was missing…

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