Unplug: Sweet Escape to Hungry Mother State Park, Marion-Virginia

Hi guys!  With the weather changing (fast), I wanted to take the time to reflect on fall before the snow comes to take it all away.  I never really appreciated fall until I moved near the mountains. There aren’t many trees and beautiful open landscapes in the city, so like many city folk…I took nature for granted.  A couple of weekends ago (October… *shrug* ha) I decided to spend the weekend unplugged and outside.  October was one of my busiest months to date. I was in clinic every day, all day. We’re talking starting at 5am, leaving at 5/6pm, sometimes later.  EVERYDAY.  I was also attempting to make time to keep up with studies, personal life, and the lack of blogging. I was spent.  

When I get like this, I think its best to take a break and reset.  That weekend I did just that at Hungry Mother State Park.  Hungry Mother is located in southwest Virginia, and is known for its woodlands and lake (and restaurant that’s open seasonally…so good, so good!). It cost me $4 to get in, which I believe is a cheap way to entertain yourself or family. 

I spent time wandering around the park, watching the water, getting chased by bees, and contemplating hiking trails…still not that brave.  I met some hikers, and we chatted for a bit about geotagging, trails in the area, and cool things to see in the park.  The air was so pure. The animals were unbothered, often times coming toooo close for comfort.  They were in their home, and I was a guest so I just moved. The trees, the water, everything was straight out of a magazine.  My amateur photo skills will never do it justice.  It was a great time.  I left feeling fresh and ready for a new week.  

The next time you need to breathe, unplug, or regroup, consider taking a visit to a state park! 


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